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Evelyn Duran-Ponce


Dietitian | Diabetes Educator

Evelyn is a member of Associates of Diabetes Care and Educator Specialist (ADCES) and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)

‘I am not the food police or a professional chef but my tricks of the trade have helped many people realize that just about anything is manageable.  Whether you need guidance in the grocery store, putting meals plans together, insulin dosing, or just a place to talk, I’m here to help!’

About Evelyn Duran-Ponce

Evelyn grew up in a family that recognized the importance of eating well for your health.  This led to her journey in nutrition with eventually specializing in diabetes and obesity.  Shortly before her certification in diabetes education her son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as an infant.   She has experience, both as a mother and a dietitian on what it is like to live with diabetes.

For 25 years Evelyn has counseled her patients and clients on dietary guidelines based on the best available research at the time.  She has found that an emphasis on mostly vegetables, quality animal proteins, healthy fats, avoiding low quality sugars and carbohydrates makes it not only practical to follow but possible to achieve wellness.

Endocrine Associates of Long Island P.C.

Evelyn Duran-Ponce has her office at Endocrine Associates of Long Island located in Smithtown, New York.  They specialize in diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity, osteoporosis and high cholesterol.

Contact Me Directly

732 Smithtown Bypass

(Route 347)

Suite 103

Smithtown, New York, 11787


631-265-5545 ext 17

631-265-8042 (fax)

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